Whitetail Bowhunters Calendar of Events

Stay up on your news and everything Whitetail Bowhunters with our calendar of events.


Group on WTBH 3D Shoot

Group on WTBH 3D Shoot

Shooters relaxing in the Clubhouse

Shooters relaxing in the Clubhouse

Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor Shooting Range

Taking Aim Indoors

Taking Aim Indoors

2020 Shoot Schedule


Jan. 25-26              Hunter Round 3-D - or Outdoor Backyard

Feb. 9                     34th Annual Brat Fry- No Shooting

Mar. 7-8                 Hunter Round 3-D and/or Outdoor Backyard

Mar. 14                  Hunter Round 3-D (Traditional Only) Sat. Only

Mar. 15                  Youth 3-D Shoot - Ages 3-17


Apr. 25-26              3-D Shoot- 30 Targets

May 13                   Wed. Night Summer League Paper Targets, 30 3-D Targets

June 7                     N.F.A.A. Field Shoot (Shotgun Start 10 A.M.)
June 13-14              3-D Shoot- 30 Targets- Traditional Only

June 27- 28             3-D Shoot- 30 Targets (Jordan Zastrow Memorial Shoot)

Aug. 22-23             3-D Shoot- 30 Targets Warm-up Shoot, All Marked                                                         Yardage  Archery Sale Used, New & Swap

Classes                       Divisions 

Inst. Traditional          Adult

Unl. Open                     Junior

Unl. Hunter                 Cadet

Litmited                       Cub

Inst. Compound

All Registration Times Are Sat 8am-4pm Sun 8am-3pm