Whitetail Bowhunters Events

​Whitetail Bowhunters is host to several shoots, leagues, and events year round. All WTBH events are set-up, run and worked by the members of WTBH.  All events are open to the public! So come out to shoot, catch a cold beverage, munch on some food, or just join in the comradery!

Indoor 3D shoot

The indoor 3D Shoots are a hunter style tournament that runs during the cold winter months of Wisconsin monthly. 3D targets as well as trees, sticks and branches are brought into our indoor range to give you the feel of the woods. With a wide verity of species you never know what you might be shooting in these events.

Registration time: 8 AM to 4 PM Sat. -8 AM to 3 PM SUN.

Outdoor 3D Shoots

The Outdoor 3D shoots are a hunting inspired shoot consisting of 30 3D animal targets. Shoots run in the warm weather months and take place once a month. Many different species of animals with varying distances and shot opportunities will fill your appetite for 3D archery. Shooting stakes for all age ranges and shooting abilities allow 3D shoots to offer something for everyone.  

(No Broadheads, No Range Finders)

Registration time: 8 AM to 4 PM Sat. -8 AM to 3 PM SUN.

NFAA Feild Shoots

The NFAA Field Shoots are target or spot style leagues where multi-sized spot targets spanning 14 stations and range out to 80 yards.  The NFAA Field Shoots offer a challenging competition for the serious archer. For more information about the NFAA and field archery, click the link below!

Registration time: 8 AM to 4 PM Sat. -8 AM to 3 PM SUN.

WTBH Annual Brat Fry

The WTBH Annual Brat Fry is one of the few non-shooting events during the year. It is an event to raise money for club expenses. The community is welcome to come in and support the club by purchasing brats, burgers, and baked goods as well as participating in raffles. It is great event to see what our club is all about, and a chance to meet many of our club members and their families.

Second weekend in Febuary
Open: 8 AM to 3 PM SUN.